Fulfilment Matters for Variable Data Printing

With our Variable Data Printing service, resolving customer complaints has never been easier.

The reputation of your business is reliant on a quick and professional response to all complaints. For large and multi-brand organisations, this can be a time-consuming process, but not anymore. Fulfilment Matters has developed a variable data printing and distribution system that can handle thousands of letters every day, on behalf of our customers.

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Your Customers Will Be Delighted

Be assured that our proficient complaint handling system makes use of high-quality paper and printing to maintain expected standards.

Our variable data printing system is currently being utilised by leading brands and multi-brand companies including Unilever and Birds Eye. Through automation, we’ve provided a service that greatly reduces the size of their complaints department, whilst improving the customer experience.

Our variable data printing solution can be integrated with the existing systems that you use to record customer complaints.

All data received will only be used to respond to your customers. Fulfilment Matters will not store customer information or use it for any other purpose. We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

On receiving a professional quality letter, your customer will be delighted that you’ve taken their complaint seriously. They will appreciate being reimbursed with a voucher (or product insert) and their experience of dealing with your company will remain positive.

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vdp fulfilment

VDP Process Chart

  • Step 1Customer contacts your Customer Services team
  • Step 2Representative takes details
  • Step 3Correspondence details are verified, confirmed and sent to FM
  • Step 4FM Receives detailed data file via secure technology
  • Step 5FM Laser prints your material to the highest quality. Unlimited number of variables can be printed
  • Step 6FM collates, inserts and dispatches correspondence to customer on the same day
  • Step 7Happy customer receives correspondence promptly

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