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Multi-channel E-commerce

As a UK fulfilment centre, many of our customers have increased sales and revenue by opting for a multi-channel sales strategy. If you are keen to grow your online business, then an understanding of the pros and cons of multi-channel e-commerce will help you to decide if it is a viable option.

Multi-channel e-commerce Optimises Convenience for your Customers

Only selling via your own website places the emphasis on visitors finding you amongst the competition. A multi-channel approach to e-commerce means that you take your products to where your potential customers are already browsing. It provides the opportunity to engage and promote products on their territory.

As convenience is the number one reason why consumers like to shop online, this is a convincing point. To make things easier, there are software options which enable you to manage a number of different sales channels from a single interface.

Maximising Online Exposure to Boost Sales

As a sole retailer, you have a limited market. If your goods can be found on a variety of other websites and platforms, this will extend your reach. The chances of your products being spotted by someone who is looking for that very thing increases, so sales are boosted.

An increase in sales is what most companies dream of, but you need to ensure that you can deliver. Fulfilment Matters offers a comprehensive warehouse management system that supports efficient processing of all orders.


Finding a trusted e-commerce fulfilment partner will help you with stock management, pick and pack services, reliable delivery and returns handling.


Increase Brand Recognition and Endorsements

Not every interaction leads to a sale, however, selling through multi-channels still presents the opportunity to increase the visibility of your brand. If you focus on providing a positive customer experience then your online audience may help to spread the word across multiple channels, even if they have yet to make a purchase.

How do your Offer a Personalised Service on Multiple Channels?

Selling via another website or platform can leave you a step removed from your customers. This may seem at odds with your underpinning business values. Be assured, that there are plenty of options where you can still deliver a personalised service.

For a start, with the ability to update in an instant, social media sites are often far more interactive and responsive than a website. Social media stores and advertising can provide a powerful and personal sales channel.

When considering other selling sites, look for those which specialise in the type of goods you sell, rather than the large generic retailers. You might only sell a small range on a site, rather than your entire offering. Always remember to find those channels which fit with your values.

Take Time to Read the Small Print

Each sales channel will have terms. These may seem restrictive but are in place to provide a degree of uniformity to the website. They also protect consumers, other sellers and the reputation of the channel. The regulations help to deliver consistent service, so customers know what to expect when they place an order.

You need to accept and comply with the terms. This will include images, product descriptions and the layout of goods on the site. It will usually also cover requirements for e-commerce fulfilment. Be sure that you can meet the terms prior to signing up.


If you need help with any aspect of e-commerce fulfilment, please get in touch with Fulfilment Matters on 01296 531600. We are happy to advise.

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