Fulfilment Matters is a specialist fulfilment provider to small and medium sized e-commerce businesses. We also provide promotional fulfilment services to some very large organisations.

Whilst we do work with customers who have goods which are not barcoded, we go to great pains to encourage customers to barcode everything.  Why? Because it almost eliminates human error. And by definition this means that your picking accuracy is massively improved. But most importantly, this means that the number of customer complaints to your business is reduced.

Sku Picking

Part of the service that we offer is to check every delivery of goods to make sure that barcodes are present, correct, and scannable.  If not, we can barcode the goods manually as part of the ‘booking in’ process.  You would be surprised how often we are required to do this.

The benefits are clear. We know that the correct goods are being sent to your customers. And you know that your stock figures are accurate.

Occasionally a new customer joins us having experienced poor picking accuracy with their previous fulfilment provider. Inevitably the reason is the lack of barcodes.  We then work with them to make sure that future production runs are suitably barcoded. The benefits are instant.

If you get your picking right (accurate and fast) then your on-line reviews will improve. And this will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

This will give you an idea of what you can expect from us if were to work together:

  • Every delivery is booked on our Warehouse Management System and confirmed to you electronically.
  • If necessary, goods will be manually barcoded by us.
  • All orders are pulled automatically from your shopping platform via our WMS.
  • All orders received by 1pm are fulfilled on the same day.
  • If anything is unclear, then we will contact you before fulfilling the order
  • If you e-mail us during the working day, then we will come back to you asap – typically in less than 1 hour
  • Zoom/Teams/phone calls can be organised if you need to discuss any aspect of your business.
  • Many of our customers like to visit us and see their stock. Feel free to do so.
  • We undertake regular rotational stock counts and will be in touch if there are any discrepancies.

We are actively looking for new customers now so please feel free to call us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Or perhaps you would like to talk about the benefits of barcoding and whether it is right for your business.

Either way, we can be reached on 01296 531600.

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