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Use our UK Fulfilment Centre and Benefit from the Growth in Online Shopping

In November 2018, online sales in the UK exceeded 20% for the first time. Can our fulfilment services help your business to get a slice of the pie?

With a growing trust in e-commerce, the average UK consumer now spends £1,600 a year online. The most popular items were clothing, footwear and groceries, but there has even been an increase in B2B purchases online.

Business rates are also on the rise, so for start-ups and established brands, the draw of e-commerce is strong. This may seem like a simple way to cut costs and provide a convenient service to customers, but online retail is inconceivably competitive and demanding. Let Fulfilment Matters explain how we can help you to make it work.

Understand What Online Customers Want

Consumers are enticed by the ease of shopping online. They can browse and compare at their own convenience and pay without joining a queue. The goods are then delivered to their door a day or so later.

If you are to reap the rewards of selling online, it is imperative that the customer experience is your top priority. An easy to use website, clear pricing and a straightforward checkout process are essential starting points. Efficient and adaptable fulfilment is the other vital component.

It is worth investing in the services of an experienced e-commerce website designer and a professional UK fulfilment centre. With the experts handling these crucial elements, you can focus time and effort on developing your product range, responsive marketing and delivering customer service excellence.

Competing with Amazon

In a recent study carried out by Mintel, it was revealed that 86% of UK consumers have an Amazon account. The majority assume this will offer the cheapest option and use it as the first port of call for online purchases. It will be a challenge to compete with a retailer that has such a monopoly. The answer is to play to your strengths, whilst understanding their points of weakness.

Amazon may dominate the market, but as a smaller organisation, your business can develop strategies that make sure it can:

  • Offer a personalised service and build loyalty with customised promotions
  • Adapt and respond in an instant to topical news
  • Be easily contactable – ideally with customers speaking to the same people for continuation of service
  • Actively support your local community

How Fulfilment Matters helps Online Retailers

In our UK fulfilment centre, we help your online business to thrive by providing:

  • Secure storage for your stock
  • Fair working conditions for our pick and pack teams
  • A warehouse management system to ensure efficient and accurate processes and real-time data to aid stock management
  • Adaptable services, so you never pay over the odds for unrequired services or are left short during peak sales periods
  • Quality packaging materials (we can use your branded delivery boxes if you wish)
  • Trusted delivery options (UK and Global) at cost-effective prices through our established networks
  • Responsive customer services – our small office team are friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help
  • Timely management of returns

By handing over responsibility to Fulfilment Matters, you will be better prepared for the unexpected and will have time to devote to delighting your customers. That is the route to e-commerce success.

For further information, contact Fulfilment Matters on 01296 531600 or email us:

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