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Complaints Handling: A Stress you can do Without

You can’t always meet expectations, no matter how hard you try. At some point, a customer will complain. The way in which that complaint is handled will impact on that customer’s loyalty.

In the 2017 Consumer Action Monitor Report, research suggests that 75% of customers would be willing to use the same company again, if their complaint was efficiently dealt with. This compares to 11% of returners when complaints were poorly handled.

What Consumers Expect from Complaints Handling

The consumers in the Report had identified that a quick response, action to resolve the issue and an apology were important factors in complaint handling. It was also noted that financial compensation and steps to use the feedback to improve the service were also greatly valued.

It all sounds perfectly reasonable, but what if your company hasn’t got the resources to allocate to complaints handling? You could bury your head in the sand, but teaming up with Fulfilment Matters is a far more constructive means of complaint handling.

Bury your Head in the Sand

You win some, you lose some – failing a few customers is just part and parcel of running a business.

Before you adopt this approach, be warned, 31% of the dissatisfied customers air their grievances on social media. There’s no quicker way to spread the word and damage your brand reputation.

Team up with Fulfilment Matters for Efficient Complaint Handling

For many years, Fulfilment Matters has offered a dedicated complaint handling service. Our customers include a number of leading brands. We’ve invested in data handling processes and technology to offer a service that many companies couldn’t run in-house.

Our variable data printing solution can be integrated with the systems that you use to receive customer complaints. Our system is secure and compliant with GDPR. We don’t store your customer’s data, but use it to print a response to their feedback.

In addition to a sincere apology, our system can print redeemable brand vouchers. All letters are printed in colour on high-quality papers, for a professional finish. We prepare the letters to be sent and ensure they are ready for our couriers to dispatch on the same day.

You’ll still be responsible for assessing customer feedback and using it to inform positive changes to business practices, but our services will ensure that the customer receives a timely response that helps to keep your company in favour.

Poor Service: Customers Vote with their Feet

Whilst complaints may feel like a negative drain on the business, they should be seen as offering valuable insight into the company. Business owners should thank customers for taking the time to make them aware when there is room for improvement.

The alternative is customers voting with their feet. The Report suggests that 40% of dissatisfied customers simply walk out or switch providers without making a formal complaint. They won’t be back and they are highly likely to share their disappointment and frustrations with others.

Good complaint handling processes encourage customers to speak out. The business can then redeem itself by putting things right.

If you would like to find out more about incorporating our variable data printing service as part of your complaints handling process, please call our friendly team on 01296 531600.

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