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Digital Warehouse Management Supports Seamless Order Processing and Customer Satisfaction

Busy lifestyles result in us favouring services that offer convenient and time-saving solutions. Online shopping is a clear example of this – 24/7 access to anything you are looking for, with price comparisons at your fingertips and a purchase made at the touch of a button.

  • UK online spending exceeded £28billion in the first 6 months of 2018
  • UK online non-food products saw a 17.2% growth in June 2018 compared with the previous year 
  • 18.2% of retail purchases were made online in August 2018

These statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) clearly indicate that an increasing number of consumers are opting for online shopping. 

Speed and Efficiency at the Heart of E-commerce Customer Satisfaction

An ever-growing number of e-commerce businesses are setting up to serve online buyers, you might run one of them, but it takes more than a good product range to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Online shoppers don’t like to be kept waiting. With competitors just a click away it’s vital to ensure that:

  • E-commerce website pages are quick to load
  • E-commerce checkout processes are intuitive and straightforward
  • Order confirmations are sent in an instant
  • Order processing is initiated immediately
  • Regular and reliable delivery services are in place
  • Efficient returns handling is part of the process

Digital Warehouse Management Systems

From goods in, to goods out, digital warehouse management systems support seamless order processing. Automated confirmations can be sent to the customers, as pickers and packers receive details of every new order. Goods are scanned before packing to minimise the risk of errors, whilst also providing real-time data and inventory updates.

In short, the correct order is swiftly dispatched to the online shopper time and time again.

Sounds wonderful, but surely such a system is too costly and complex for many e-commerce businesses to implement?

UK Fulfilment Centre

As a trusted e-commerce warehouse, Fulfilment Matters has invested in a digital warehouse management system, so you don’t have to. Engage us as your UK fulfilment centre and your online customers can receive a responsive and accurate service. 

Our flexible e-commerce fulfilment services will result in significant time and cost savings. As an example you won’t be paying for pickers and packers when the orders aren’t flooding in, but it will be all hands to the deck when promotions and seasonal peaks boost sales. 

In addition, with our digital warehouse management system, you’ll have access to up-to-the-minute data, which is a valuable asset for making informed business decisions. 

Shipping and Returns Handling

In a 2017 KPMG report titled ‘The Truth about Online Customers’ the reasons that shoppers opted for physical stores instead of online shopping included:

  • E-commerce deliveries taking too long
  • Shipping costs
  • Complicated returns processes

Fulfilment Matters has the systems in place to provide cost-effective, daily deliveries and comprehensive returns handling. We really can tick all of the boxes. Give us a call today on 01296 531600. Let’s discuss how our services can help you to meet demanding customer expectations.

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