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Complaint Handling with Variable Data Printing

As a business owner, the intention is always to deliver the best products and services to customers. Even with the most robust quality assurance, it does not always go to plan.

When expectations are not met, customers may complain, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. It provides the opportunity to deliver a responsive service and make a positive impression. A prompt and positive response delivers a feel-good factor that redeems trust in your brand.

In contrast, if a brand makes it complicated to complain, fails to apologise and is defensive, it simply escalates the problem.

Encouraging Customer Engagement

One of the drivers of business success is being able to effectively engage with your customers.

When a brand is genuinely interactive in its approach and open to feedback, their customers can become marketing ambassadors. Nothing is as effective at driving sales as peer endorsement and in this way, engaged customers help to build brand awareness.

As a new product range is launched or an event is being planned, it is great when customers help to spread the word. However, is also essential that you engage promptly when a problem occurs. If not, the fact that they are so keen to share can be detrimental.

Learn from Complaints

Receiving complaints may not feel like a positive experience, but it provides a valuable opportunity to resolve the issue and redeem your reputation. According to the Ombudsman Consumer Action Monitor Report 2018, 75% of customers would return to a company that they complained to, if the situation was well-handled.

Being open and responsive to complaints also offers insight into areas of your business which need attention. Encouraging customer feedback and responding quickly to complaints has got to be better than losing a customer to a competitor, or being slated on social media.

Timely Complaints Handling

What is your organisation’s response when a customer does complain? The Ombudsman Report found that 64% of people expected the issue to be put right, 42% wanted an apology and 36% were looking for financial compensation.

Small organisations can usually manage customer services in-house. For large corporations, the process of dealing with a high volume of customer complaints can be incredibly time-consuming. If you would rather your team had more opportunity to focus on other aspects of the business, Fulfilment Matters is on hand to assist.

We have developed a variable data printing service to deliver timely responses to the complaints received by leading brands and multinational corporations. If you are processing a considerable number of complaints, we can take on this task, freeing time for your team to focus on proactive customer service.

Our advanced data printing system can be integrated with existing software. This makes it straight forward for us to receive customer information and print an appropriate response. The data is not stored, so after the letter is sent, we hold no personal data that could conflict with GDPR.

Not only does our service support efficiency and customer service, but it also motivates employees. Imagine how demoralising it is to spend a high proportion of your time complaint handling. By outsourcing this task to us too, staff can apply their skills in more constructive ways.


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